Merrill Audio ANAP Interconnects RCA or XLR

€ 1.450,00

ANAP Interconnects. The most natural sounding, transparent Interconnect. High 18 AWG, low capacitance and inductance. Excellent for for long runs up 15 meters (50 feet). Terminated with Cardas solid metal, rhodium-over-silver plate XLR or RCA high-quality connectors.

Hear those details again with natural, transparent sound and a flat frequency respons

  • High gauge wire for transparency and long runs
  • Ultra low capacitance for detail and clear frequency extensions
  • Low inductance to keep the natural sound and speed
  • Excellent solid metal Cardas XLR or RCA connectors
  • Very competitivelty priced for any configuration
  • 30 day money-back guaranty for any reason, simply return in the original condition
  • Very transparent and natural sounding interconnect cable
  • Wire Gauge: 18 AWG each conductor
  • Capacitance: 14 pf/ftInductance:0.21 uH/ft
  • Termination: Cardas XLR of RCA connectors
  • Other: Up to 15 meter length at $